Kutná Hora Tour

A Beautiful and Historically Relevant City

An Amazing Kutná Hora Tour

Just an hour from Prague, this stunning city is a UNESCO World Heritage site thanks to its historical importance and architectural gems. From the 13th to 16th centuries Kutná Hora competed with Prague economically, culturally and politically.  Thanks to its silver mines, Prague became one of the most powerful capitals of Europe. Among the most important buildings in the area are the Gothic, five-naved Cathedral of Santa Barbara, begun in 1388, and the Italian Court –  formerly a royal residence and mint, which was built at the end of the 13th century. Beautiful and historically relevant, Kutná Hora is a hidden gem visited by relatively few tourists, but one of our most popular tours. Seven hours, round trip, transportation included.


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700 CZK / 28€ PER PERSON
Transportation included.
Minimum group 6.

Kutná Hora Tour Highlights

  • The Chapel of Bones
  • The Italian Court
  • The Church of St. James
  • The Jesuit College
  • The Castle Hradek

  • The Fountain of Stone
  • The Cathedral of Santa Barbara
  • The Plague Column
  • The Stone House
  • … and much more.