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Prague Tours

Discover Prague’s Old Town and New Town, the historic Jewish Quarter (Josefov), and so many other amazing sites here in the magical ‘’City of a Hundred Spires.’’ Our Prague Free Tour begins in Old Town Square, the true heart of the city, where we tell the origin tale of the Kingdom of Bohemia, of Charles IV, and of the city’s long-ago bizarre (and truly horrifying!) custom of ‘’defenestration.’’ Our journey then winds its way on cobblestone through passageways and enchanting byways, a labyrinth unlike any other, where we learn about the sacred empire, religious struggles, and how the great wars and tumult of the 20th century impacted this land, gave birth to Czechoslovakia, and, ultimately, this Czech Republic.

Seville Tours

In this Andalusian capital, the past, present and future of different civilizations manifest into a coexistence many believe to be the most beautiful place in Spain. Here we visit iconic places such as the Cathedral of Seville, the Giralda, Plaza España, and Triana. Learn all about the hidden legends of this city and its complex network of passageways within the Santa Cruz neighborhood and beyond. All of our tours in Seville are given passionately by expert guides and professionals, providing an unforgettable experience you don’t want to miss.

Dibujo de París

Paris Tours

Few cities in the world have a history as rich and exciting as this ‘’City of Lights.’’ Join us on our Paris Free Tour as we journey through this magnificent city as time travelers, exploring the deep imprint left behind by Napolean, the French Revolution, and the Hundred Years War. Our adventure begins under the watchful eye of the Gargoyles of Notre Dame. From there we proceed to the historic beating heart of the city center. Did you know The Louvre was the first public museum in the world? What about the many eccentricities of Louis XIV, also known as ‘’the Sun King.” And why did Hitler so love this French capital? Join us to find out this and so much more.

Munich Tours

Our Munich Free Tour is the best way to learn about this Bavarian capital: its folklore, its world famous beers, and even its Nazi past. Together we visit the popular places visited by so many thousands of fellow travelers. But for those who dare to know the real Munich, one must learn its fascinating history—the riveting story behind the story. Join us as we visit the numerous sites and sounds of this great city on our journey to better understand Munich’s fascinating past and present.

Amsterdam Tours

Known to so many as the ‘’Venice of the North,’’ our Amsterdam Free Tour starts at the Royal Palace. Here we learn the origins of this Dutch capital and marvel at how a small fishing village came to dominate Europe’s maritime trade in the 16th and 17th centuries and considered one of the most important ports of the old continent. From there, our Free Tour of Amsterdam visits the oldest church in the city, the Oudekerk, located curiously in the most popular neighborhood of the entire city, the Red Light District. And so much more on this magical tour of this magical city.

Budapest Tours

A river runs through Budapest, rich with splendid architecture, and why so many call this fascinating city, ‘’The Paris of the East.’’ With a very peculiar and young atmosphere, this capital city of Hungary is at once the scene of world-class classical music, as well as a vibrant nightlife increasingly appreciated among young Europeans. Let us not forget, it also has an exceptionally rich supply of natural thermal baths not to be missed on any visit here. Truly one of Europe’s most delightful and pleasant cities.

Lisbon Tours

  • Discover the sights and sounds of Lisbon, a city rich with history, and a most welcoming spirit. Our Lisbon Free Tour is an adventure that tracks the Phoenicians over time, through the 7 hills of Lisbon as we discover its majesty and great secrets. The Alfama district exposes Lisbon’s beauty in full. There is also the Belém Tower and a day trip to Sintra for the traveler in search or need of nature.

Madrid Tours

All our tours in Madrid are conducted by expert guides and professionals, all of whom possess a wealth of knowledge, a keen eye for detail, and a passion for sharing all of the splendor of this spectacular city with you. Our tours visit the squares and buildings connected by cobble and narrow paths and bustling streets – living witness to the passage of time—- to tell the history of Madrid, its characters, and its glory. And always in an ingenious and entertaining way. Always.

Excellent tours, very fun with friendly guides, enthusiastic and hardworking---but above all friendly! We did several tours with White Umbrella and loved them all. Congratulations on your success. We 100% recommend!

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