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Daily. 10:00 & 11:00

Our Signature Prague Walking Tour

Our signature walking tour is one of our most loved tours and a highlight of any visit to Prague. Our expert guides tell fascinating stories as you weave through the historic streets of Old Town. You will be amazed by the rich culture of this beautiful and historic city. This tour runs daily and is a Free Tour, so you can pay only what you want at the end.

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Prague Castle and Malá Strana

Friday, Saturday and Sunday 14:30

Extremely Popular Walking Tour

Join us for one of our most popular Prague walking tours. Our skillful and experienced guides lead you across the Charles Bridge and over onto the beautiful and historic grounds of Mala Strana to one of Europe’s largest Castles. A unique experience and one of our favorite tours.

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Beer Tour

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Prague’s Best Beer Tour

“There’s no beer like beer.’’ This Czech saying captures the irony and humor famous in local pub culture. On this unique tour we visit four rustic and traditional Czech pubs, enjoying the unfiltered, unpasteurized beer undiscovered by most visitors. Learn how Czech beer is made, why it is considered the best in the world and sample some of the world’s finest beers. We’ve carefully selected four excellent pubs just a little off the beaten path, chosen for their variety of the best beers not easily found in the tourist traps. Come thirsty, and hungry.

Kutna Hora

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Stunning Views of Kutna Horá

Just an hour from Prague, this stunning city is a UNESCO World Heritage site. And thanks to its silver mines, Prague became one of the most powerful capitals of Europe. Beautiful and historically relevant, Kutná Hora is a hidden gem visited by relatively few tourists, but one of our most popular tours. Seven hours, round trip, transportation included.


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Beautiful Views of Prague

It’s one of our most popular tours. Our guides lead you across the Charles Bridge and over onto the beautiful and historic grounds of Mala Strana to one of Europe’s largest Castles. We’ll also visit Terzin – the concentration camp used by the Nazi proaganda machine during WWII. We’ll stop off for some epic views of Prague.

Private Tours


The Finest Private Tours of Prague

We tailor-make exclusive tours according to your exact needs and preferences. Choose the starting and ending times, the starting point, itinerary, destination and sites. The perfect tour for groups of friends, family, business trips, etc.

Excellent tours, the guides were fun and friendly, eager to work and above all friendly! We did several of his tours and he really impressed us. Congratulations on your work. 100% recommended!

Trip Advisor Review

We did a Free Tour and a Beer Tour with Misa It was definitely the best experience of our trip. We learned a lot about Prague and had a great time on both tours. MIsa had so many good stories, and really helped us understand how Prague became such an amazing place.

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