About Us

A company founded on the love of history, travel, and people.

We’re a new collective of some of the best Spanish, Italian and English speaking professional guides in Europe. Our guides share a love of history and culture, and a strong desire to give every visitor to our tours a great experience in Europe.

Our company philosophy is simple: be the type of company our guides want to work with, and the best guides will choose to work with us. We base our collaboration on an open and constructive atmosphere, where each in the group has a say in how we operate, allowing White Umbrella to remove the administrative burden and let the guides do what they do best: share their knowledge of this amazing place.

We’re very selective in choosing our guides. A good guide has a
passion for history and culture, but also the ability to share this with each and every visitor they lead. A good tour is both intelligent and fun. Some guides can do one or the other, but only the best can do both, every time.

Our tours are well researched, perfectly crafted, and delivered in a fun and intelligent way that binds the course of history and brings life to the intersection of culture, architecture and politics. Tours you won’t find anywhere else, and won’t soon forget.


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