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Why does White Umbrella ask me to provide my email address and mobile number?

In the event there are any necessary modifications to your reservation/schedule/itinerary, it is vital that we have your contact information so we may be able to notify you of these changes immediately. Please remember to activate your available cell/data services wherever applicable.

Do tours run even during bad weather?

Yes, our tours run in all weather. One rare exception is when weather conditions are so extreme that the safety of our guides and clients is compromised. We therefore respectfully request all clients review weather conditions prior to your visit and to always dress and equip yourself accordingly, e.g. walking shoes, umbrellas. 

How do I change a reservation for a Free Tour? 

To change a reservation for a Free Tour, simply book a new reservation for the new date. 

How do I change a reservation for a Paid Tour? 

To change a reservation for Paid Tours because your travel plans change or if you find the weather conditions unfavorable, please send an email to info@whiteumbrellatours.com with the change of date request, and be sure to include the new date you wish to take the tour. 

Do Free Tours run on holidays? Do Paid Tours run on holidays?

The Free Tour runs 365 days a year. Paid Tours accept booking on our reservation system only if they are running for that date. So if you make a reservation for a holiday and it is accepted, that means the tour will run on that date regardless of it being a holiday.

How long in advance should I make my reservation?

Please reserve your tour for your desired date as soon as possible. Some tours frequently fill up faster on certain days and dates than others. This helps White Umbrella ensure there is optimum staffing to meet client demand.

Are there size requirements or limitations to the number of people allowed
on each Free Tour?

There is no minimum number of clients required for the Free Tour. However, in order for everyone to maximize their tour experience, we prefer to limit the number of clients to no more than 25 for every Free Tour. For this reason, we encourage everyone to book a reservation in order to guarantee your place. Of course we do our very best to have multiple guides available to ensure everyone can be accommodated, especially during weekends and certain holidays.

If I am with a group of 10 people (or more), do I have to make a reservation
for a Free Tour? Paid Tour?

Yes. The Free Tour is intended for small groups and individual travelers. If your group consists of 10 people or more, please email us to book a Private Tour. A link to our contact information for the city you will be visiting follows: https://whiteumbrellatours.com/contact-us/

Likewise, reservations are required for groups of 10 people or more for Paid Tours. This will ensure that White Umbrella has the appropriate number of guides available for that tour on that date.

In what languages ​​are White Umbrella tours offered?

Most tours are offered both in Spanish and English, but it depends on the city. Details regarding language, dates, and run times are available on our website for each tour in each city.

Is it possible to do two tours in one day?

Yes! We understand your visit to your new favorite city might be limited to only a day or two of free time, so our tours are specially designed and timed so that you may enjoy two or even three tours on the same day. Please consult the specific times and days of the tours for more information on the combination of tours.

What do I do if I want to take more than one tour with White Umbrella on the same day?

If you are on the Free Tour and decide to take another tour with White Umbrella for later that day, or for any other day, simply ask your guide at the end of the tour to help book your next tour. Our guides may inform you about additional tours and help you complete any new reservation for that tour at that time.

Are children welcome to join our tours? 

Yes! Children 13- and under, accompanied by a parent, are always welcome on any of our tours.The lone exception to this rule is if there are age restrictions by law. For example, no children are allowed on Beer Tours for obvious reasons.

Are wheelchair tours accessible?

Wheelchair accessibility depends on each tour in each city. Please check the tour specifications on our website for that tour before booking with us. Or please feel free to send us an email for more information to: info@whiteumbrellatours.com

Is the transportation fee included in the ticket price?

Each city and each tour is different, so White Umbrella lists any additional transportation fee information for each tour on our website. Please consult that tour page before booking a tour. Or please feel free to email us at: info@whiteumbrellatours.com for more information.

Does the Free Tour include tickets to places of interest? What is the itinerary of my tour?

There are never any additional entrance fees for the Free Tour, as these tours never visit any place that requires one. Please consult the itinerary for each Free Tour in each city on our website, but note that each guide is free to vary the order of the tour’s route in order to ensure maximum tour enjoyment. You are of course always free to ask a guide at the beginning of any tour for the places the guide will take you. And for more detailed information, please send us an email to info@whiteumbrellatours.com.

What time do I need to show up for my tour?

Please arrive at the meeting point of the tour 5 to 10 minutes before the start time. In this way we will be able to organize the groups and ensure that the tour takes place on time. If you pre-booked online, please be sure to bring your ticket with you, either in print or on your mobile.

How do I find the starting point of my tour?

The starting point for each tour is both listed on our website and on your ticket. 

What should I do if I’m late for the tour?

If you are going to be more than 10 minutes late to the tour, it is recommended to reschedule your paid tour for a later date or time. You can do this by contacting our customer service team by phone or email (info@whiteumbrellatours.com). Please include the reference number of your reservation, as well as both the new date and time you want to attend. If you are late for the Free Tour, please simply join the next available Free Time that matches your schedule.

May I join a tour after it has already started?

Due to logistical reasons, and for the purpose of not disrupting other clients, it is not possible to join any tour that is halfway or more complete. For this reason, we ask that you please arrive at the starting point on time so that we may welcome and prepare you for the tour. It is even better to show up 5-10 minutes in advance to ensure the tour begins as scheduled. We appreciate your understanding in this

I am having trouble booking a reservation online. What can I do? 

In the unlikely event you are experiencing problems with our website, please simply go directly to the designated meeting point 15 minutes before the tour begins and register with one of our staff. Please note, however, that in case that tour is fully booked by the time you arrive at the meeting point, we may not be able to accommodate you.

For this reason, we strongly encourage our clients to book reservations for a Free Tour or Paid Tour in advance. This process helps White Umbrella ensure the appropriate number of guides available for each tour on each day. On busy days with increased demand for our services and limited tour space, priority will be given to those who have previously booked.

How can I book a private tour?

Any family, couples, or groups seeking a specially curated experience may elect to book a Private Tour with us. These tours are designed to meet your interests and needs, and typically begin with a hotel pickup at your preferred starting time. To book a Private Tour, please send an email to info@whiteumbrellatours.com. Because the maximum number of clients per Private Tour will vary by city, please include the number of people in your group.