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The best tours in Paris!

We work with a specially selected and highly skilled group of guides to offer the very best tours of the most interesting places. Our tours are well researched, perfectly crafted, and delivered in a fun and intelligent way that binds the course of history and brings life to the intersection of culture, architecture and politics. Tours you won’t find anywhere else, and won’t soon forget.

The Best Tours in Paris!


Saturdays & Sundays at 10:30am

Few cities in the world rival the rich and fascinating history of Paris. Join us on a monumental journey through time that begins under the watchful eyes of the gargoyles of Notre Dame. From there we move on to the historic center of Paris, surrounding ourselves in French history as revealed through its rich architecture. We examine the deep imprint left by Napoleon and the French Revolution, the birth of the Louvre as the first public museum in the world, and the eccentricities of “the Sun King,” Louis the XIV. Two hours that will seem like only a few glorious minutes in time.

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Montmartre Tour

Private Tours Only

This beautiful and atmospheric neighborhood is the birthplace of 19th century Impressionism and the Bohemian center of Paris. Yet we avoid the obivious and cliché, electing instead to examine the essence of Montmartre through its most famous residents: Monet, Toulouse-Lautrec, Van Gogh, Dalí, and Picasso. Onward, we visit the many country mills the daring converted into cabarets and iconic fame. But did you know Montmartre was also a battlefield during the Franco-Prussian War? We’ll take you there. This exhilirating cocktail mix of culture, entertainment and history make this tour an unforgettable experience in just 2.5 hours.

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Versailles Gardens Tour

Private Tours Only

The Gardens of Versailles are a spectacle for the senses impossible to match. Our guides lead you through this endless maze of flower beds, sculptures, and fountains, all the while whispering to you the tales of Louis the XIV, XV, and XVI. The glory and mystery of Versailles is shrouded in political symbolism. We uncover all of their sumptuous secrets in a truly spectacular 5 hours.

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Latin Quarter and St. Michel Tour

Private tour only.

These two neighborhoods are the heart of Paris, home to many of the best known monuments in the French capital. We learn how Paris evolved from being a medieval town into the great European city we know today. The centerpiece of this tour will be the culture. We visit the Sorbonne, the University that produced so many ideas that changed not only France but the world. We learn the origins of Paris, of the Pantheon, and of Napoleon. We visit the houses, bookstores, St. Michel and the Luxembourg Gardens, which so inspired the great French intellectuals. A very inspiring two hours.

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Marais District Tour

Private tour only.

This old Jewish quarter is certainly one of the great jewels of Paris. To know the district of Marais is to know the true essence of the French capital. This elegant district, full of architectural gems, is today the ‘’chic’’ neighborhood par excellence for Parisians. Grand palaces, luxury shops, essential museums, and synagogues, not to mention the center of the French Revolution: the Bastille! A grand adventure in only two and a half hours.

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Private Tours

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“Interesting and fun!”
Our guide, Juan Carlos, was nice, funny, knew his information and kept us hooked the whole time. He was very interesting, answered the hundred and one questions I asked him and just seemed genuinely happy about his job. I adored him. Thank you very much!

Trip Advisor Review - July 30, 2015

“Great visit to Paris!”
Must do this tour! A great way to see and learn about Paris!👍🏻 1st tour free with Sheyla was awesome! Juan was super funny. Fernando was like a personal tutor. They were all great!!!

Trip Advisor Review - March 26, 2016