If you are planning a trip, we recommend three days to explore the city in its entirety, and of course, organize your time well to try to enjoy it to the fullest. We recommend the free White Umbrella tour, which offers us the maximum information on the history of the city and the monuments that we visit. In this way, we will mix around the city like another Krakow.


How to get from the airport to the center must be one of our priorities before landing. Although they are not too far apart from each other, there are several options to consider. The Juan Pablo II Kraków-Balice airport is relatively small, making it easy to navigate and find the transport network.

When traveling to the center from here, we have the possibility of going by train, bus and taxi. We recommend the train, which is not only very fast, about 20 minutes, but will literally leave us in the heart of the city. There are several bus lines that will allow us to narrow down more specific points of the city, but unfortunately, it will take us more than twice as long as going by train. Finally, private transport works quite well, and despite being more expensive, it should not take us more than 30 minutes to reach our destination.


Krakow’s historic center is a true delight. UNESCO proclaimed it in 1978 Cultural Heritage of Humanity, due to the great variety of buildings, squares, markets and even castles that are perfectly preserved.

If we want to see Krakow in an easy and simple way. White Umbrella tours has a free tour that starts right at the Market Square, opposite the imposing town hall.

From here, with this free tour, we will visit the most important places in the heart of Krakow, many of which have centuries of history. As the first university in the country, the Jagiellonian University dating from 1364.

On this tour, we will also see Wavel Castle, a highly recommended visit, since, despite having been converted into a museum, it still preserves its imposing walls and towers. Within its walls, we will find the Royal Palace with the imposing treasure of the crown and the armory. Here we can also enjoy the Wavel Cathedral, symbol of Christianity in the Polish Republic. And although we will not access these places with the free tour, the guides will give us interesting information about them.

Krakow has also given artists and writers such as Adam Mickiewicz, a Polish poet who was the forerunner of Romanticism in Poland. And which is very loved in the city, as we will see in the huge statue that she has in her honor in the historic center of Krakow. Another of the most remembered Polish sons is Pope John Paul II, who was another Krakow neighbor for many years.


If this is our first time in Poland, we will be surprised by various details of Polish gastronomy. In the first place, the typical dishes are quite strong soups and stews; normal, having the cold that they have most of the year. Although of course, we also find non-vegetarian dishes such as the famous sausage, knuckle of pork and roast duck.

On the other hand, the national drink is vodka. The Poles distill a great variety and quality of this concoction, at very affordable prices and available in most bars and restaurants.

To lower food and alcohol, this city offers various options, both free and paid. There are dozens of different museums, some based on historical figures such as the Oskar Schindler factory, famous for saving hundreds of Polish Jews during the Nazi regime. We can also enjoy a relaxing time, going shopping or going for a walk when the sun goes down, since the vibrant Krakow nightlife is well worth it.


If we are going to be more than three days, we recommend an excursion outside the city, such as a visit to the salt mines or the Auschwitz concentration camp. The latter is sadly famous for being the place where more than 5 million people died in the gas chambers during World War II at the hands of the Nazis. To get to both places, there are buses and trains that will allow us to visit them without too much trouble. Without a doubt, they are an excellent option for a day trip, since they are not located too far from the city of Krakow.

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June 15, 2020

If you are planning a trip, we recommend three days to explore the city in its entirety, and of course, organize your time well to try to enjoy it to the fullest.

June 15, 2020
Located south of Poland, and showered by the Vistula River, Krakow is an excellent traveling…